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Zinnia Collectionz Chunky glitter


Glitter madness! This is our iridescent series



-Cosmetic Safe

-Laser Cut For Precision Designs

-High Temperature Safe

-Different Size Mixture


5g containers

“Beau” Chunky iridescent Glitter

SKU: beau
$4.50 Regular Price
$1.50Sale Price
  • Purchase your zinnia collectionz adhesive liner. Using your adhesive lin er

    1. Shake product well before use

    2.Apply adhesive to the desired area

    3.Layer your Zinnia Collectionz glitter on top of the area where the adhesive is.

    4.Use a brush to wipe off excess product It is as easy as that!

  • Do use caution when applying glitters to the face, especially the immediate eye area. Azaleabeautynz takes no responsibility for mis-use of this product

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