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Zinnia Collectionz Holographic Chunky glitter set Includes 13x Chunky glitters

-Azalea -Mei -soul -Growth -Miss Ali -Phoe -Wai -Maki -Suga Mama -Ahi -Ocean -Grace -Spice


Glitter madness!


These holographic chunks reflect different colors and are the perfect touch to all makeup looks!


Details: -Cosmetic Safe

-Laser Cut For Precision Designs

-High Temperature Safe

-Different Size Mixture 5g containers

13pc Holographic chunky glitter set

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$45.00 Regular Price
$9.00Sale Price
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  • 1. Shake product well before use

    2.Apply adhesive to the desired area

    3.Layer your Zinnia Collectionz glitter on top of the area where the adhesive is.

    4.Use a brush to wipe off excess product It is as easy as that!

  • Do  use caution when applying glitters to the face, especially the immediate eye area. Azaleabeautynz takes no responsibility for mis-use of this product

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