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Lip blushing is a technique designed to enhance the natural lips with definition and colour . Lip blush can help with symmetry ,definition and even pigment throughout the lips using shading and lining techniques

In our youth lips are soft, full and have a great natural tone. As the aging process begins we start to lose the shape, definition and color of our lips.


Lip blushing/contouring is great for clients that:

• have uneven lips
• have lost definition to their lips
• have lip fillers
• have little to no color in their lips
• sensitive to makeup products


Lip blushing is also great for clients that love the get up and go look.


Immediately after lips are pigmented expect them to be much more intense for 3-4 days.

The “peeling” process should last for a day or so, and then the color will actually appear too light after about a week. This occurs because there is pigment still in the epidermis that will still continue to shed.The skin has just encapsulated the pigment. It takes 3-4 weeks for the body's natural healing process to complete and the colour to truly appear. The colour will heal 30– 40 percent lighter.

The more mature the skin, the longer the healing process. Because the pigmentation is placed into the skin, it will not have an intense lip stick appearance.


Remember that initially, it will take 2 treatments to meet the expectations and to arrive at the colour and shape desired. When it comes to Hue, saturation, value and temperature - The Hue will become a lighter version of itself, the temperature will stay the same. The saturation of the healed color will be lower and the value of the color will lighten 30-40 percent. After the full healing process and time, the color will be 30-40 percent lighter.

Day 1

After the procedure is complete, some swelling, redness,bruising, tenderness and discomfort may happen. Once this has subsided the lips will appear very intense and lymphfluid will begin to surface.It is important to not touch the area with unclean hands.


Day 2 – 6

Lymph will continue to surface. The area may feel like itsgiving off heat. This is normal. This is your bodies way of releasing any toxins and to restore tissue.


Day 6 – 14

Scabbing will be present on or before day six. (depending on how well the client heals). The epidermis is no longer an open wound. The body will then want to get rid of the outermost layer to expose the pigment beneath. This is when the scabs will start to shed.


Day 15 – 30

The pigmented area may seem dull. This is because a newlayer of the epidermis has formed but has not settled in.Once settled, the pigment will take to its true colour beneath the skin.

After the lip blush treatment is completed, minimal swelling and redness can be present for a couple hours.


During the remainder of the first day, blot cleanse (patting motion with slight pressure applied) your lips with a dry lint free cotton pad or tissue every 30 minutes to an hour.

Ointment needs to be applied constantly to avoid drying out. Before bed on the first day, cleanse your lips with a gentle cleanser diluted with water. Pat dry and apply ointment.

Day 2 onward, please continue to apply ointment to avoid the lips from drying out. Lips can be cleansed in the evening before bed and application of ointment.

On day three, you may notice slight flaking if any at all. Please do not pick or disturb the flakes. Continue to use ointment.

Once surfaced healed, it is recommended to keep using a moisturizing lip ointment and hydrate as our lips do not produce their own moisture.

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