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All new and improved Classic eyelash extensions course 

Classic eyelash extension training course - INCLUDING VOLUME APPLICATION USING PRO MAD FANS


This course is ideal for those with no prior experience in eyelash extensions or beginner lash stylists wanting to refresh and improve their skills. Our training will set you up with everything you need to know to start your very own lash business. PLUS we have now added volume/hybrid application using pro made lashes to the course. You will now be able to offer classic, hybrids and volumes!

Whats included in the course-

Introduction to eyelash extension products:
- Learn about different types of lashes (thickness, length, curls),

different tools (tweezers, tiles etc), & different adhesives.

Introduction to eye anatomy and health:
- Learn about different allergies or irritations that could occur in the eye

and how to deal with it.


Introduction to preparation of the client:
- Learn how to patch test correctly, prepare your work station, do client

consultation, & selecting the right type of lashes.


Introduction to application:
- Learn how to apply lashes correctly and isolate correctly. Including aftercare.


Introduction to removal:
- Learn 3 different removal methods and how to do so safely.


Introduction to infills:
- Learn about infills and how to perform them on your clients.


Introduction to mapping and styling:
- Learn different styling techniques and how to work with different eye shapes.


Introduction to sterilisation:
- Learn how to sterilise and clean your tools and equipment.


Introduction to personal health:
- Learn ways of how to keep your everyday health up and ways to prevent poor

posture and pain.

Introduction to Pro made lashes

- Learn about different types of lashes (pro made, pre made, handmade, thickness, weight)

Introduction to application of pro mades

-Learn different application techniques that will help boost retention

Introduction to lash layers

-Learn about the different lash layers and how it affects our mapping styles

The course is two days. Both days will be broken up in sections including breaks.

You will need 3 models over the duration of this course.

We have different kit options available



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We accept Paypal and bank transfer.

Please see cancellation t&cs here

For training required at your preferred location, additional travel costs and fees will apply. 
To discuss training options or for more information please email
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If you would like more information or to book in, please email or contact us below

You're also able to request training dates if the above dates don't suit you! Reach out and lets discuss your future today!


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