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Eyelash extensions are synthetic fibres that are attached one by one to each HEALTHY natural eyelash. Different lengths, thicknesses and curls are used to create a look as natural, dramatic or full as you like. Perfect for special occasions and everyday wear.

  • What are the differences between the Classic, Light volume & Full Volume Sets?"
    Classic Lashes The ruiha classic set is 1 extension on 1 natural lash. This means, depending on the condition of your natural lashes this set can vary in looks! There could be between 40 - 120 lashes on each eye. This set can look very natural yet enhancing. Perfect for everyday look! Light volume The Riani light volume set is a step up from the ruiha classic set. This set is 2-4 fanned extensions on one natural lash. There could be between 80-250 lashes on each eye. This set is perfect if you have already tried the ruiha classic set and feel it is not full enough for you and you want that extra "glam". Volume Lashes The Full Volume is 3 - 8 extensions on 1 natural lash. I create wide fans to give a soft, fluffy and full look. This set is definitely not for everyone so i recommend to start with the ruiha classic set if you have not had lashes before. There could be Between 100 - 300 lashes per eye. This set is very full and unnatural looking. Wsipy Volume This set is similar to the volume set, except with longer spikes throughout the lashes.
  • How long do eyelash extensions last?
    Individual results will vary! Each eye can shed between 1-7 lashes per day. Due to the natural replenishing cycle of your own lashes, 2-3 weekly infills are required to keep your Eyelash Extensions looking beautiful and full. The average human has between 150-200 lashes. Natural Lashes have a growth cycle. After 60-90 days your lashes will replace themselves. When one lash falls out, another replaces it. Depending on the lash cycle, It is generally estimated that the average person will shed between 1-7 natural lashes per day. So it is normal for you to lose 1-7 extensions per day
  • Can i still wear makeup?
    YES! You can still wear makeup with your lash extensions BUT you do have the responsibility of keeping them CLEAN. It is essential for you to purchase your very own Azalea Aftercare Kit to maintain and keep your lashes clean at all times. Clean Lashes are the best lashes. Mascara and eyeliner is optional but not recommended. Only NON-waterproof mascara and eyeliner can be used, remove the mascara and eyeliner gently with OIL-FREE eye makeup removers. I can recommend to use a WATER BASED product. This way it is easier to clean!
  • This is my first time getting eyelash extensions, what set do i choose?"
    I will always consult before every appoinment. I personally recommend the Ruiha Classic Set for those that are new to this service. This is the most natural set but can also be quite bold based on your natural lashes. The more lashes you have, the fuller the set will be. The longer your lashes are, the longer the set will be. By choosing the Ruiha Classic set, you will be able to see if you like it or not and you can easily upgrade to the Riani classic glam or Russian Volume set! It is easier to put more on than take off. Plus i would hate for you to go home with a set that was "too much" and start pulling your lashes out. If you still have troubles please contact me!
  • Whats an infill?
    An infill is where i remove the outgrown lashes and replace them with new lashes to create a fresh new set. It is recommended that you return for an infill every 2-3 weeks based on your retention. You must have 40% lashes remaining to qualify for infill price. If you arrive with less than 40% you will be charged full price.
  • How long does an appointment take?
    Appointment time can vary depending on the set/Infill and also the nature of your lashes. A full set can vary from 1 - 2 hours and an infill 30min - 1hr 30min
  • Can i remove my lash extensions at home?
    No! Lashes must be removed by a professional to avoid damage to your eyelashes. Please refrain from pulling, tugging and rubbing at your lashes. Seek professional attention if you wish to remove lashes.
  • Can i get my eyelash extensions wet?
    Yes! I always tell my clients to avoid steam and water for 12 hours to allow the adhesive to cure. After this time frame it is perfectly okay to wet your lashes. In fact you must clean your eyelashes daily! You can purchase your very own aftercare kit right here on the sight.
  • Can i swim with my eyelash extensions?
    Yes. It is okay to swim with eyelash extensions however try to avoid rubbing your eyes. If you are swimming in chlorine or salt water, rinse your eyelashes when you stop swimming, Allow them to dry and brush them out with your azalea lash wand. Salt and chlorine can make your lashes clump together and become stiff.
  • I had Eyelash extensions done somewhere else, can you infill them?"
    Yes. We have a foreign fill option on our booking services.
  • How do i wash my eyelash extensions?
    I recommend purchasing an azalea aftercare kit. Use an eyelash extensions safe foaming cleanser and brush. Gently brush the foaming cleanser through your eyelash extensions, rinse with water and gently dry. If you have stubborn build up at the base of your lash then i recommend purchasing a deap clean kit. This contains tools that will help get at the base of your lashes effectively.
  • My lashes arent lasting as long as id like them to!! What could be the problem?
    There could be many underlying problems. Please consult your lash technician directly if you have this problem. To generalise the problem, this could include: -Not following the aftercare instructions -Using products that contain oils, on or around the eye area (moisturise, sunscreen, liquid eyeliner, etc) -Swimming, sunbathing, spray tans, steam or sauna within the first 12hours of getting lashes -You naturally have oily skin -Using a hair dryer near the eye area -You are too rough -Taking antibiotics or medical treatment, while their eyelashes have been extended -Sleeping on your face -Not cleaning your lash extensions Please follow proper aftercare instructions at all times!


Infills are charged based on Time. It is recommended that you book your next infill within 2-3 weeks of last set. Infills are only applied to clients who have 50% of their lashes remaining after a lash bath otherwise it is considered a new set and full set price will apply. When booking an infill please book accordingly. Less time means less lashes. To Give you abit of an idea on how it works during an infill i will cleanse (if needed), prime, remove outgrown lashes then add new lashes. Removing outgrown lashes takes can take upto 10min so if you book a 1hour appointment that leaves 50 min of lashing. Please contact me if you would like to know more or want help booking an infill.

 If you arrive with mascara and makeup build up in your lashes there will be a $20 extra charge.

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